Monday, April 9, 2012


About this giveaway, because Gwen makes like amazing stuff, and she's giving it away! For reals, I actually want to win this because I love the stuff she's made so much. She's got great taste and is awesome at DIY. Also, I love her blog. Which is why I'm plugging it now. I mean... I feel a bit dirty plugging a giveaway I want to win, but I would never do it unless I thought the blog was awesome in the first place. So yeah. Read her tutorials, get crafty, and hooray.

Also psyched about these pants that I bought, cuz they're Wranglers and were on mega sale for $40, and they're amazing.

They are literally the most comfortable pants in the history of humanity. They feel like they're caressing my bum with velvet when I walk. I feel like I'm ready to embrace flares again, post-high school. They remind me of the 70s. The high waist is niiiiccceeee.

I didn't put my face in the photo because of REASONS. Namely, I bought some new makeup and I think it looks disgusting. I'm cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum for Supanova, so I bought some pink lipstick and eyeshadow for the first time. Unfortunately, my olive toned skin makes any pink makeup look like a rash or something. Like seriously, I know people are always like omg olive skin so nice, but it actually kind of sucks when you are into really bright colours, because a lot of them only suit people with pale skin. I find it hard to choose makeup that doesn't look terrible, and isn't just neutral colours. It may also just be that I've never really worn that much makeup before and have no idea how to apply it! Oh well.

Princess Bubblegum pix coming soon. Probably more complaining about inane things too.

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