Monday, April 16, 2012


Photos taken by Oscar Casley

Gotta say, I'm pretty happy with the way my hair turned out. I'd been thinking about dying it pink for a while, and then I had a dream that I dyed it, so... it was time. This is actually the outfit I wore yesterday to go and buy the dye from Victorian Gothic on Brunswick st, but I thought it suited and I'd photo it with the hair. Double denim ftw. The dye I used was Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink.

So I've recently gone back on any reservations I had about high waisted short shorts. Tbh, it was because of this lady, who I've recently fallen in obsession with:

Photos from Tumblr

Naomi Shimada. She is amazing!! She's inspired me to wear tiny shorts, because now that I can see them on someone who is more my size (no offense meant at all to all the tiny girls out there, but there are so many photos of you and almost none of anyone bigger) they are suddenly so much more appealing. She also inspired me, in a moment of excitedness, to apply for plus size modelling. I've since been rejected, but oh well! It was fun taking the photos. Naomi also does a weird cooking show on youtube called Bitchin' in the Kitchen, which is pretty funny. Check it oot.

This past weekend was the Orthodox Easter, so I have a couple of photos from that too. I was too busy eating my Nana's amazing food to take photos of it.

Quite happy with my makeup, again. That was a long post.