Monday, April 30, 2012

Not So Fresh

Top, jacket and shorts - vintage
These awkward, tired photos are to commemorate today, the day I left Centrelink. As a person who considers themselves an artist, and who has recently graduated from University, I think I'm in a similar position to many twenty-ish year olds who need the time to work on their own stuff, while still being able to support themselves. And after being on Centrelink for about a year and a half, I've come to the point where I've had enough of their constant pressure to get a full time job (as opposed to part time) and their condescending attitudes towards their clients. I am very grateful for the help they gave me throughout Uni, but anyone who's been through this system knows that you can't be on it for too long without having doubts about your future and what you're capable of. And so, I am free. At least from one system. The job system is completely different, and for now is affording me a sense of self-sufficiency.

Last night I ended up at a cafe/bar in the city called Captains of Industry, which I've never been to before but which I really enjoyed. There was an awesome jazz band playing, apparently for International Jazz Day, and Rosehip Tea and Jamiesons cocktails (ughghdfndsjbs.) Also, it's a three in one barber, menswear and shoe store! With really nice old decor. I shall be returning.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drunk Tumblring

Velvet jacket - vintage, Denim shirt dress - American Apparel, Leggings - American Apparel,
Docs - Fool (on Greville Rd, Prahan)

Went out last night, and wore this, with me new purple hair - yes, it used to be pink, but that lasted about two washes, so I put Manic Panic's Purple Haze in. Which I am very happy with. I put some streaks of pink in there as well, which I thought would look kind of cyberpunk or something, but which actually looks more like Twilight Sparkle. Ponies FTW.

Theeese are my new floral docs, which I am so happy about!! The goth boots I got from the Salvos broke in like 1 DAY, which I was uber sad about, so these have more than made up for them.

I was pretty drunk last night and I knew all I wanted to do when I got home was watch Farscape! That show is amazing! I am addicted! Here are some amazing costumes from it!!

Yeaaah. Now off to sew some velvet leggings.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Photos taken by Oscar Casley

Gotta say, I'm pretty happy with the way my hair turned out. I'd been thinking about dying it pink for a while, and then I had a dream that I dyed it, so... it was time. This is actually the outfit I wore yesterday to go and buy the dye from Victorian Gothic on Brunswick st, but I thought it suited and I'd photo it with the hair. Double denim ftw. The dye I used was Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink.

So I've recently gone back on any reservations I had about high waisted short shorts. Tbh, it was because of this lady, who I've recently fallen in obsession with:

Photos from Tumblr

Naomi Shimada. She is amazing!! She's inspired me to wear tiny shorts, because now that I can see them on someone who is more my size (no offense meant at all to all the tiny girls out there, but there are so many photos of you and almost none of anyone bigger) they are suddenly so much more appealing. She also inspired me, in a moment of excitedness, to apply for plus size modelling. I've since been rejected, but oh well! It was fun taking the photos. Naomi also does a weird cooking show on youtube called Bitchin' in the Kitchen, which is pretty funny. Check it oot.

This past weekend was the Orthodox Easter, so I have a couple of photos from that too. I was too busy eating my Nana's amazing food to take photos of it.

Quite happy with my makeup, again. That was a long post.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Supanova Time

Soo yes we did Supanova, and we did our Adventure Time cosplay. I think they turned out pretty well. As did everyone else, considering almost half the people there wanted a photo with us. It was AWESOME.

 I made Finn's hat, my hair and crown, my collar and belt. I luckily had the dress and tshirt already. My sewing machine decided to die the week I started the costume, so it was all hand sewn.    u__u;

Knives Chao! She was awes. Jake made his own hat, which I think he found epically frustrating, but was very proud of it afterwards. Hooray for sewing.

This girl was sooo amazing that I had to have a photo with her. Her hair and clothes are my most favourite colour scheme ever.

The perfect Katniss!!

CAPTAIN ADAMA!!!! I mean Edward James Olmos.

Best Tank Girl ever.

Original Rogue. <3

The whole Adventure time crew. Weren't these guys perfect?

It was the most fun thing ever. It was my third Supanova, but my first time cosplaying, and I think I'm addicted now. So much more fun than just dressing normally! My favourite part was the little kids who wanted photos with us, whose parents obviously let them watch AT. That is good parenting.

P.s. My makeup turned out kewl because I figured out how to do it nicely. I was rather proud of myself, because I'm a makeup noob and it was my first 'look'. I used the Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD palette called True Union Jack and I used it exactly how it said on the back, and then did a cat eye with liquid liner and mascara like normal. I also used Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in Pink Blush, which.... is not great, but did the job. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


About this giveaway, because Gwen makes like amazing stuff, and she's giving it away! For reals, I actually want to win this because I love the stuff she's made so much. She's got great taste and is awesome at DIY. Also, I love her blog. Which is why I'm plugging it now. I mean... I feel a bit dirty plugging a giveaway I want to win, but I would never do it unless I thought the blog was awesome in the first place. So yeah. Read her tutorials, get crafty, and hooray.

Also psyched about these pants that I bought, cuz they're Wranglers and were on mega sale for $40, and they're amazing.

They are literally the most comfortable pants in the history of humanity. They feel like they're caressing my bum with velvet when I walk. I feel like I'm ready to embrace flares again, post-high school. They remind me of the 70s. The high waist is niiiiccceeee.

I didn't put my face in the photo because of REASONS. Namely, I bought some new makeup and I think it looks disgusting. I'm cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum for Supanova, so I bought some pink lipstick and eyeshadow for the first time. Unfortunately, my olive toned skin makes any pink makeup look like a rash or something. Like seriously, I know people are always like omg olive skin so nice, but it actually kind of sucks when you are into really bright colours, because a lot of them only suit people with pale skin. I find it hard to choose makeup that doesn't look terrible, and isn't just neutral colours. It may also just be that I've never really worn that much makeup before and have no idea how to apply it! Oh well.

Princess Bubblegum pix coming soon. Probably more complaining about inane things too.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That thing I don't want to think about anymore

The thing that's on my mind constantly right now, which I guess nobody really wants to have to dwell on but which we all have to at some point. I'm sick of talking about it, and I think everyone around me is sick of me talking about it, but when something is affecting you so much it's kind of inevitable.

I was recently employed into a job I hate. Literally everyone goes through this at some point in their lives; some people never get past the stage of hate-jobs and have them forever. This is a future I'm struggling to get away from, kicking and screaming while it pulls me under with its giant, sticky tentacles. A hospitality job which pays minimum wage, and requires maximum effort. A job where your boss stares over your shoulder the whole time, shouts at you if you make a mistake, and doesn't respect how many hours you've requested or which days. Or pay you for your trial.

I keep seeing this Einstein quote, which is just so relevant at all times: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

I just feel like a fish right now, ok? So many people are told they have to do these jobs, and they aren't good at them, but they are good at other things. I mean, I know my skills. They just aren't skills that are applicable in cafes. Or, to be honest, probably a lot of other meaningless jobs. Then again, I should be grateful for what I can get, right?

I'm turning twenty-four this year. It depresses me beyond measure that I am stuck doing this pointless shit, reading on blogs about people with glamorous lives and wondering desperately how they managed to get to that stage. People younger than me. How many people feel like this? When I read interviews where people talk about how they got their jobs, it inevitably ends with, "Oh, it just kind of happened." There is no guidebook for the socially inept or the people with less than exceptional looks. Not at all to discredit the hard work they've done, but there is an element of luck that I feel is disproportionate with everything else.

And then, after that stage, comes the disgust with my own constant complaining. So where is the end to this void? I feel like it's an abyss I've already slipped too far in to, and i need to escape but there's no clear way. Write a book? I am in the first stages, but books are not a way to make money. I can do it for the love of it, but I need to pay rent at the same time. And I can't go on in these jobs which suck my time and energy, and give back almost nothing in return.

On to less depressing things.

I went to the art gallery opening/gig for Celeste Potter and Ben Ely of Ouch My Face on Saturday. Ever since seeing them in a warehouse party a couple of years ago, I was an instant fan. Celeste has the most punk attitude I've ever seen, which is thankfully backed up by awesome music. Her paintings were of monsters and things made of slime, and she painted them in her own blood. Hardcore. Ben's paintings were a great mixture of humour and bright colours and weirdness, which I believe is the same attitude of his more famous band, Regurgitator. Supporting Ouch My Face were Bat Piss, who get better and better each time I see them, and Dead, who are always amazing. I fangirled out and bought a tshirt, badge and patch from them so I can look awesome all the time. Here is a picture of me wearing the tshirt, and also these amazing boots I just bought from the Salvos today. They were only twenty bucks and I am supremely happy with them. Fritz the cat decided he'd like to lounge casually in the photo.

Tights: American Apparel, Smiley face shoelaces: ebay