Monday, April 30, 2012

Not So Fresh

Top, jacket and shorts - vintage
These awkward, tired photos are to commemorate today, the day I left Centrelink. As a person who considers themselves an artist, and who has recently graduated from University, I think I'm in a similar position to many twenty-ish year olds who need the time to work on their own stuff, while still being able to support themselves. And after being on Centrelink for about a year and a half, I've come to the point where I've had enough of their constant pressure to get a full time job (as opposed to part time) and their condescending attitudes towards their clients. I am very grateful for the help they gave me throughout Uni, but anyone who's been through this system knows that you can't be on it for too long without having doubts about your future and what you're capable of. And so, I am free. At least from one system. The job system is completely different, and for now is affording me a sense of self-sufficiency.

Last night I ended up at a cafe/bar in the city called Captains of Industry, which I've never been to before but which I really enjoyed. There was an awesome jazz band playing, apparently for International Jazz Day, and Rosehip Tea and Jamiesons cocktails (ughghdfndsjbs.) Also, it's a three in one barber, menswear and shoe store! With really nice old decor. I shall be returning.

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