Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Verrry rushed photos from the other day, with weird faces because it was too glarey to look at the camera properly. Showing off my new space girl lipgloss, which is three parts David Bowie and a little bit Courtney Stodden. Also one of my favourite 90's pretending to be 60's dresses. The best kind.

On this day I saw Batman. You know what? Batman SUCKED. It sucked SO HARD. It was a shitty action film with a shitty villain and a shitty, shitty twist. Seriously Nolan? Or should I say, Nolan's brother?? Whoever was responsible for that waste of two and a half hours was a complete idiot. Or was an aspiring Michael Bay. OR BOTH, OBVIOUSLY.

I mean, you know. The reason it was so bad was because the first two were so good. They were so good! Batman deserved a better end than that. Ugh, and judging from the ending it wasn't even the end, was it? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END.


How did he get back to Gotham from the hole-prison? In like half a day? From the other side of the world? WITH NO MONEY OR ID??? OR ANYTHING?!??!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Drunk Swatches

Ok I am soooo excited for this shit!!! I have been waiting for my post to arrive and it came today JUST as I was leaving for work so the whole shift I was like OMG LET ME GO HOME PLEASE LIPSTICKS!!!!

Yes so. Illamasqua, obviously, lipstick in Kontrol and Intense Lipgloss in Galactic. They are every bit as amazing as I was hoping for. Kontrol smells like vanilla and is the perfect matte goth lipstick. Galactic is like David Bowie in a lipgloss. Yay!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Been making some things from polymer clay... boy is it fun. The rainbow was for Zoe, who made me the tape brooch. I'm not sure what the skeleton will be yet, but the unicorn has been on my shirt for a couple of days. Speaking of Zoe...

The awesome Battle Club at a silent art auction called Art +Noise! We share a bass player. They rock hard. And sing songs about dinosaurs and cats who don't give a fuck.

Said bass player's ladyfriend, center, and her ladyfriends, looking awesome!

And me being weird at home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Beehive

Dress - Topshop, Cardigan - MNG, Tights - Forever 21, Shoes - Asos

Officially 24. We tried to play a game of Talisman, but it quickly dissolved into laughing and drinking, so we switched to just that. I got a beautiful rabbit ring from my friend Liv, who's recently been to India. I also got these magic book earrings, handmade by my boyfriend (!!!) No words. One has an all seeing eye on it, and the other has a mouth.

It's pretty weird turning twenty four. I think it's the first birthday I've really not wanted to have. Twenty three was a good number - old enough to be taken seriously, young enough to not have much responsibility. Twenty four brings questions from relatives like, 'When are you going to decide which real job you're going to do?' and 'Are you still living in a share house?'

The hassling gets tiring, but I'm confident that although I'm completely lost, I think that's ok. I know what I don't want to do, and I think it'll take a while to know what I do want to do. I don't think I need to know at twenty four. We'll see what I think at twenty five. I just quit my job at the bakery, and that's like a light at the end of a dark, stinky tunnel filled with snakes. Once my last two weeks are over, I'll hopefully have a job somewhere else I can stand, and also have better hours so I can have more time off. Then I can look for a new house, and try to get into position in my life I'm happy with.

Until then... twenty four.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Double Pink

Shoes - Vans, Blazer - H&M, Cardigan - Allsaints, Shirt - Asos, Jeans - Nobody, Socks - Happy Socks
Just a little outfit post, because I was pretty happy with this one - I never wear jeans anymore, even though I lived in them in high school, and it's nice to incorporate them again without being boring. Maybe it's like a faux pas to wear the same colour shirt and blazer but #yolo. It may look like my cardigan is being pulled to the side but it's actually just asymmetrical. Hoorah for nicer weather.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Is It?

So I saw Crispin Glover's movie the other night, as well as Crispin himself. I don't know what I was expecting, I've wanted to watch one of his movies for a long time since hearing about them, and since hearing that the only way to watch them is when he tours them around. Something about them being so unavailable makes them ridiculously appealing. And seeing him irl was pretty cool too.

He started off with this slideshow performance, where he was reading from these books he wrote and the pages were projected on the screen. I almost preferred this bit to his movie tbh, the books were so effing cool and the way he read them was amazing. They were old obscure books that he had altered to black out sections of the paragraphs and add new bits and turn them into something completely unsettling. And the pictures in them had been given captions and incorporated into the stories so they became funny/weird/uncomfortable to look at.

It's probably best to mention now that the movie played next, and at the time of watching I was a little bombarded with the confrontational-ness of it all. I mean, that was the point, and it worked. I haven't been able to find any film stills online but these are two of the posters.

So yes. There was blackface. Most of the main characters had Downs Syndrome. Many snails were killed, for reals. There were aspects of the film that made sense to me only after his explanations, and others that still don't make sense. Still, he came across as a very genuine, very onto-it kind of guy, who is concerned primarily with making art that is uncensored and will make people think. Which, you know. It makes you question a lot of things. The title is very apt. It's what you're wondering the whole time.

A definite positive aspect of the film I found was the employment of so many actors with Downs. I didn't feel that he was condescendingly "using" them, or trying to make it edgy by having them in it, or some other disrespectful thing. He said afterwards that he felt people with disabilities were extremely underrepresented in mainstream film, and if they ever were in films they were always playing characters with the same disability. They were never given the chance, as an actor, to play a character who did not have it. Which is a ridiculously true point. He also mentioned that they always had to play "nice" characters, who did nice things to each other. His film was full of confused, mean people doing bad things to each other. Which I feel is affording the actors the humanity that is real for them, rather than the dehumanizing infantilization that goes on in Hollywood. 

The blackface... I'm still not sure about. There were some parts of the book reading that also brought up issues of race, mostly old fashioned racism from before the 1900's. I didn't feel like he was being racist himself, but it was hard to see why he brought up those old things. I think maybe they are things which people don't want to think about anymore, to just erase from history, and he's thinks it's a good thing that we don't forget? Maybe a clear and honest approach is the way forward, without any "taboos" per say, so that we can more easily understand what's wrong and why it is wrong, rather than just never talking about those things again and leaving some people confused as to why.

But overall it was a really positive experience, and I have a lot of respect for the guy. It was refreshing to see some art that someone has made completely of their own volition and without any sort of concern about audience and market and making money. And also someone who obviously has enough money to make exactly what they want, without any of the concessions that most artists have to make from their lack of funding.

And now...here is a picture of me as a 'satanist'.

And my sexy satanist boyfriend, who made his own buttons from polymer clay!:

And our sexy satanist living room:

And the 'Blood of Christ', otherwise known as mulled wine:

All in all it was an awesome birthday party! Very silly but very fun, a lot of dancing to Rock Lobster (Satan's favourite tune.) Some kids were trying very hard to put Chris Brown on but ironically he was BANNED from the music. Ironically because if there is a hell, he is the one person who will most certainly burn for all eternity. Seriously, fuck Chris Brown.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Front Line Blogging

By which I mean, sitting on the front porch and eating soup blogging. Also, taking my own photos because the boy-man is too sleepy from work. Which is fair enough.

I've been meaning to take photos of these shoes for a while but haven't had time... So yeah. Pretty frickin' stoked with them. They're from Asos and they were the cheapest creepers I've found. They're made of foam but whatever. I love them.

I've been doing a loottt of stuff so there's a backlog of photos to post! In order, I've been graduating, playing  my band's first gig, and going to the snow (I would say snowboarding but that would be a LIE and I will explain in due time.)

Firstly, those old-ass graduation photos my dad finally uploaded to flickr.

The cheesy fam photo, L-R Nana, Dad, Me, Mum, Bro

The obligatory weird tree hugging photo.
 Got a degree, blah blah. It really hasn't come in handy so far but WE'LL SEE. At least I got to walk through a bunch of people to pompous classical music while they clapped.

Okkaaay last weekend was Nun of the Tongue's first gig! My special band. It was our mutual friend Rylan's 21st so it was extra special. We played in his kitchen (ooh grunge melbourne etc) and everyone had a dance and it was a lot of fun.


There were a bunch of other amazing bands but my camera ran out of battery. Thanks to Melody, my housemate, for taking the pix. We have a few recordings up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nun-of-the-Tongue/191143290984229 yay!

And then there was that snow thing:

Yeah, it was nice to walk around in. I went snowboarding for a day but my bro thought it would be good, after ONE sketchy beginner's run to go on the intermediate. Which was traumatizing and I am scarred for life and never doing any sort of snow sport again! It's just really nice to be walking on something solid right now that I won't slip over on. Oh well, my body (or should I say my giant bruise) is on the mend and I got to drink a lot of coffee and gluhwein.

Lastly, here is a picture from the Windsor where my parents were staying, and where we had dinner last night. I think it speaks for itself.