Sunday, April 15, 2012

Supanova Time

Soo yes we did Supanova, and we did our Adventure Time cosplay. I think they turned out pretty well. As did everyone else, considering almost half the people there wanted a photo with us. It was AWESOME.

 I made Finn's hat, my hair and crown, my collar and belt. I luckily had the dress and tshirt already. My sewing machine decided to die the week I started the costume, so it was all hand sewn.    u__u;

Knives Chao! She was awes. Jake made his own hat, which I think he found epically frustrating, but was very proud of it afterwards. Hooray for sewing.

This girl was sooo amazing that I had to have a photo with her. Her hair and clothes are my most favourite colour scheme ever.

The perfect Katniss!!

CAPTAIN ADAMA!!!! I mean Edward James Olmos.

Best Tank Girl ever.

Original Rogue. <3

The whole Adventure time crew. Weren't these guys perfect?

It was the most fun thing ever. It was my third Supanova, but my first time cosplaying, and I think I'm addicted now. So much more fun than just dressing normally! My favourite part was the little kids who wanted photos with us, whose parents obviously let them watch AT. That is good parenting.

P.s. My makeup turned out kewl because I figured out how to do it nicely. I was rather proud of myself, because I'm a makeup noob and it was my first 'look'. I used the Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD palette called True Union Jack and I used it exactly how it said on the back, and then did a cat eye with liquid liner and mascara like normal. I also used Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in Pink Blush, which.... is not great, but did the job. :)

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