Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Beer Week

More like Get Out Of My Face Week. It's been an intense six days. I got back from Perth last Sunday, and I've been working every day since then. Today I'm going to do absolutely shit all. It's already amazing.

Beer. I love it, other people love it too. There are many different kinds of beer people. Some good, some bad. Because I work at a craft beer bar, it's not unusual for the customers to be knowledgeable about beer. Which is why it's weird that during GBW our bar has been full of people who *think* they know about beer, and are very smug about that fact. It's like dude, beer exists all the other weeks too. And we drink it all the other weeks. This is just your special week to shine.

Anyway thank god that's over. Beer nerds are great. Beer snobs are not.

I've got a bunch of photos and I'm not sure which ones to post first. I guess I'll do the premier of my other vans -

Fresh!!! Or so I like to think. This photo was taken in Perth in my parents' backyard.

I played a few new board games there and a lot of a certain new computer game, but I think I'll save all that for a games post.

If you go my work you'll see the new tip jar art that my boyfriend Oscar drew.

Aaaand I think I'll end this post with Millie. It's too sad that I only see my dogs like twice a year, so when I do I take a million photos of them. Stay tuned for more updates from my exciting life! SO EXCITING!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Million Bucks how much money I pretend I have sometimes. Like when I go to lunch with my parents to a restaurant called The Trustee. And I wear my mum's (alleged) Chanel bag.

I only have crappy phone photos because I am in Perth. I'm digging this Nars eyeshadow my mum gave me though. Also her silk paisley shirt. Maybe these things need to "disappear" into my suitcase.

I am crying tears in my soul right now because my favourite Melbourne designers, Alpha 60, are having a sale this week. Their last sample sale resulted in two of my favourite dresses that I own, and it was over a year ago. I'm probably out of Melbourne two weeks a year. I must have angered Satan somehow.

If you're in Melb tomorrow, go along and buy something for me ok?

-sale deets

- me, right now

Friday, May 10, 2013

Faking It

After reading this amazing new post on Hyperbole and a Half, I started thinking about a few things. Firstly, I think I've read something on that blog before, but I never really took notice of how good it is. Everyone else already did apparently, as it has like a million likes on facebook, so I'm kind of late to the party. If you haven't read anything on there, I highly recommend it. It's hilarious and personal and super well written all at once.

I read part one of these depression posts second, in the wrong order. Part one actually resonated more with me, although part two is more thought out and well written. The reason part one resonated more with me is that I could relate to it. I don't think I've ever gotten to the stages outlined in part two, although after reading this blog it's very easy to see how someone would. I don't think I've ever read something about depression that's been more easy to understand.

The fact is, I don't even know if I've ever had depression, and that's really confusing. I've suspected at some points, but I've never had it confirmed. I've been to a councilor approximately once in my life, and that was not long ago. I didn't go back. It's not that she wasn't nice, or understanding. It's just that I felt like I was faking it. I find it very hard to remember feelings that are in the past. So whatever I feel like a certain day, I can't remember feeling any other way. Which makes it difficult when you feel bad one day so you book an appointment, but when that day comes you feel neutral, so saying "I felt bad a couple of days ago" feels like lying. I start wondering if I ever did feel bad, or whether that's something I made up. So I didn't go back.

The other thing is, people all feel bad at certain points, and good at certain other points. Same with anxiety. So how do you know if the feelings you have are the normal ones, or the more extreme ones? I read a lot of blogs where people talk about their depression or anxiety, and they're very sure of themselves. They've been to therapists, they know exactly what's going on. Which makes me think that maybe the only way to have the bad version of those things is if you know you have them. Is it? Does everyone know for sure they have depression or anxiety? Does anyone else feel like they're faking it when they tell someone about it? Or exaggerating?

Then again, I'm quite used to feeling bad. I feel bad quite a lot. I also feel apathetic, tired and unmotivated almost constantly. Isn't that normal though? Isn't that just being lazy? I just don't know if it's the kind you should get help for, or if it's the normal kind you should just learn to live with. I can relate really well to the section on that post about making faces to go with emotions. But I think maybe that's just part of my personality. I've been doing it for so long. I can remember starting to do it in primary school. Is that the normal one or the bad one?

Anyway I better post this before I decide it's way too personal and delete it all. I'll accompany it with some photos of my new Hello Kitty Vans. I like these shoes very much.