Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Shark earrings - etsy, top - Zara, shorts - old Gap jeans cut up, tights - AA

This is my kimono. It's an antique one from this Japanese store on Southbank. I bought it a couple of years ago but haven't worn it much, as I wasn't that confident in how to wear it, but since the recent kimono thing I've started realising it can go with super casual stuff as well as dressy things. Cultural appropriation, again? I'm not sure if this would be deemed offensive by anyone. Although I always like and think we should err on the safe side of cultural appropriation, there are times when it's hard to tell whether you're simply appreciating something's beauty or whether it's not your place to take and use that beauty for yourself, without understanding the cultural significance of it. As far as I can tell (from the internet), the kimono was never, historically, a sacred garment, rather just the traditional clothing of Japan, that anyone wore. In which case I feel ok about wearing it. This outfit was mostly influenced by Jessa from Girls, in that one episode where she wore kind of a similar thing. *dreamy sigh*

Ugh, that show is the best! I am sad that it's the end of the season! I NEED MORE NOW.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pretend Summer

Skirt and vest - second hand, cardigan - some new age store in holland, crop top - AA

Spent Tuesday at Sugardough with our beautful friend Pieta, musing on the apocalypse and testosterone over hot chocolate.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Argghhhh got the best parcel yesterday from my favourite etsy seller, Daisy from Daisy's Creations (username NappyHappy). The second photos are what I wore to work today. To be honest, I had a small amount of trepidation about wearing something that said Feminist so blatantly, but it totally paid off because all I got was compliments. And I realised that unlike the internet, in real life people mostly keep their opinions to themselves when they're negative. Regardless, I love the necklace, I'm completely unashamed of being a feminist, and in the end it's just a piece of jewelry. Dressing is fun, and politics should be too.

Now, more importantly, I'll be able to outwardly proclaim a part of my life which is otherwise invisible; SHARKS. I LOVE THEM.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Photos taken by Oscar Casley
Today I had porridge at Breakfast Thieves, in Collingwood. It was the best porridge I've ever had, I think. And I'm quite the porridge eater. I wore these clothes today because I really hate the fact that my work makes me wear all black, and so I need to colour it up on my days off. Fritz was being a silly cat man and so he was included.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Trentfest and a record player.

Saturday was Trentfest! Trentfest was awesome. Trentfest is a mini festival set up by two guys from my Uni, one of whom is the bass player from my boyfriend's band. They said in an interview on PBS that they thought there wasn't much of a scene for grunge bands and rockers in Melbourne, and they wanted to start bringing them together. It was held at the Bendigo Hotel. All together it was an excellent night, and since it was the first of an annual thing, I would encourage anyone in Melbourne to check it out if you're into rocky music.


Chaos Kids

Udays Tiger


...Merrygorounds again

Sordid Ordeal

The Pretty Littles

...Pretty Littles


Yeaaah it was much fun dancing around, and I wore a kewl outfit but the photo I took at the end of the night was drunk and tired and disgusting so it won't go up. However I will recreate it sometime soon.

Today, I said goodbye to my speakers :( They've been in my life for over ten years, and they've only just died. But today I decided I would put them outside for the rubbish and finally admit they are gone, instead of keeping them around the living room for no reason.

And we bought a record player! It is awesome. We got it from Lost and Found on Lygon St, which is pretty much my favourite place to buy things. It's amazing.

Lastly, Oscar took a photo for me of these girls that came to his work, because they're wearing awesome clothes! And he was right, they are wearing awesome clothes. I am v. jealous of both of their shoes. And hair!