Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nana's Birthday

Today was Nana's birthday and I ate a lot of ham. The end.

I wore these kind of LDR clothes and my fav urban decay eyeliner. It was in the Botanical Gardens. I got that dress at Kinki Gerlinki on sale for like $20 which is kewl. The shoes are from Zu and I made the headband one time I dressed up as Louise Brooks for a birthday party. I feel very full and lazy which is why I can't be bothered writing anything right now. It was a beautiful day, that perfect hot and sunny with a cool breeze. :))) Now I can watch Parks and Rec in bed.

Edit: Oh yeah, NBD, saw Wild Flag on Fri night. It was so fucking awesome. We were dancing so much in the last song (Romance) and then when we talked to Mary Timony afterwards she was like, "You guys were the ones dancing! You made me so happy!" .... And then we got a high five from Janet, who recognised my boyfriend because she could see him dancing so much from the stage. For reals, TOO MUCH.

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