Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me? I call them...

Treasures. Seriously, anyone who lives in Melbourne should check out Reverse Art Truck asap! It's a little place in Ringwood where they collect samples, offcuts and general left over things and you can buy a garbage bag and FILL IT WITH STUFF. FOR REALS.

Anyway here's some kewl material I got today, gonna sew it on to some clothes so I can be spank! and kawaii and fairy-kei as all hell.

Yeah that's a little sparkly barbie wedding dress, what of it? Also I think I almost died when I saw the pieces of actual barbie material. And I was checking out some Miu Miu shoes the other day and I swear that intense silver glitter material is exactly the same as what they were made out of.

So overall... that place is amazing. And I didn't even start on all the cardboard and insulation and wood and bottles and stuff.

Here is an example of a costume you can make with stuff from there:

Photo credit to Hamish Storrie

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