Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Verrry rushed photos from the other day, with weird faces because it was too glarey to look at the camera properly. Showing off my new space girl lipgloss, which is three parts David Bowie and a little bit Courtney Stodden. Also one of my favourite 90's pretending to be 60's dresses. The best kind.

On this day I saw Batman. You know what? Batman SUCKED. It sucked SO HARD. It was a shitty action film with a shitty villain and a shitty, shitty twist. Seriously Nolan? Or should I say, Nolan's brother?? Whoever was responsible for that waste of two and a half hours was a complete idiot. Or was an aspiring Michael Bay. OR BOTH, OBVIOUSLY.

I mean, you know. The reason it was so bad was because the first two were so good. They were so good! Batman deserved a better end than that. Ugh, and judging from the ending it wasn't even the end, was it? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END.


How did he get back to Gotham from the hole-prison? In like half a day? From the other side of the world? WITH NO MONEY OR ID??? OR ANYTHING?!??!



  1. I love your dress, so pretty!
    Love your blog! Check out mine :)

  2. This outfit is freaking awesome and holy shit, that Illamasqua lipgloss is amazing, I fucking love Illamasqua. I have to disagree with you on Batman though, I'm usually pretty fussy with movies, but I really enjoyed it.