Saturday, July 7, 2012

Front Line Blogging

By which I mean, sitting on the front porch and eating soup blogging. Also, taking my own photos because the boy-man is too sleepy from work. Which is fair enough.

I've been meaning to take photos of these shoes for a while but haven't had time... So yeah. Pretty frickin' stoked with them. They're from Asos and they were the cheapest creepers I've found. They're made of foam but whatever. I love them.

I've been doing a loottt of stuff so there's a backlog of photos to post! In order, I've been graduating, playing  my band's first gig, and going to the snow (I would say snowboarding but that would be a LIE and I will explain in due time.)

Firstly, those old-ass graduation photos my dad finally uploaded to flickr.

The cheesy fam photo, L-R Nana, Dad, Me, Mum, Bro

The obligatory weird tree hugging photo.
 Got a degree, blah blah. It really hasn't come in handy so far but WE'LL SEE. At least I got to walk through a bunch of people to pompous classical music while they clapped.

Okkaaay last weekend was Nun of the Tongue's first gig! My special band. It was our mutual friend Rylan's 21st so it was extra special. We played in his kitchen (ooh grunge melbourne etc) and everyone had a dance and it was a lot of fun.


There were a bunch of other amazing bands but my camera ran out of battery. Thanks to Melody, my housemate, for taking the pix. We have a few recordings up on facebook at yay!

And then there was that snow thing:

Yeah, it was nice to walk around in. I went snowboarding for a day but my bro thought it would be good, after ONE sketchy beginner's run to go on the intermediate. Which was traumatizing and I am scarred for life and never doing any sort of snow sport again! It's just really nice to be walking on something solid right now that I won't slip over on. Oh well, my body (or should I say my giant bruise) is on the mend and I got to drink a lot of coffee and gluhwein.

Lastly, here is a picture from the Windsor where my parents were staying, and where we had dinner last night. I think it speaks for itself.

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