Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad photos of cool bands

After watching a few youtube clips of Zoobombs yesterday afternoon I decided it would probably be a good idea to go and see them at their last gig in Melbourne. Turns out they were the BEST BAND EVER. High energy, funk, rock and roll from Japan. I think a video or two is in order here, because it's hard to describe how cool they are without hearing them.

I am just SO GLAD I saw them. I had no idea who they were before yesterday and I know they're going to be one of my favourite bands now. Their show was crazy, they had soo many build ups and at one point the singer acted out giving his bass player a blow job. It was intense. But mostly, it was really really fun. 

A couple of their support bands were really good too; we came in on Sick Sad World shouting something like, 'Sexist scum!', which of course I give the seal of approval. Mangelwurzel were seriously good. Their singer sounds like Conan Mockasin crossed with Iggy Pop. They were feral punks who could actually sing and write good music. And they're apparently friends with one of my friends, so... more of that to come, hopefully. Here're some blurry pix because I've still been to lazy to learn how to use my camera properly inside:

Sick Sad World:



This is what I wore today, which is similar to what I wore to the gig last night:

That's right, slime hair. It's neon. I am very happy with it, and I hope it doesn't wash out instantly. Also, I've been meaning to do a mini review on Lush's Emotional Brilliance stuff as I get it... but I have no money so all I have so far is this one lipstick, called Strong. I LOVE it though. I've been looking for an orange lipstick for a while, and this one is BRIGHT orange. It takes a bit of getting used to, as if you put too much on at once it gets very smudgy and feathery. It only requires a little bit of product and it goes a long way. However if you want to get a really bright colour you need to wait until the first layer is dry and then apply another one. Not too much effort, really. And once it's dry... It seriously feels like you're wearing nothing, and it doesn't come off at all, even through eating and kissing. Although it's completely dry, it doesn't dry your lips out! My only complaint would be that it's hard to get a solid line going around the edge of your lips, it tends to look a little 'soft', kind of like a really pigmented lip stain. But I haven't tried using a lip brush yet, so maybe that would help.

That's it for me today. :)

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