Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anger Issues

I will admit it:

I am an angry killjoy.

I like to talk about bad things that are happening in the world. I like to question the ethics of the media, the government and consumerism. I like to question everything, especially my own opinions and where I have gotten them from. I like to question whether something that I enjoy is good for the world. I like supporting left wing politics, sometimes extreme ones.

I don't like jokes which are perpetuating harmful mindsets. I don't like shaving my underarms or legs. I don't think money or the economy should be the biggest priority in the world.

For that, I am an angry, immature killjoy.

And aside from being angry about that, I like to sit in my room, at my computer, and allow myself an ironic, angry smile. Sometimes not even ironic. Because people are terrible, and the world is terrible, but I know for certain that there are people out there in search of the truth.

For a while now I've been trying to write a blogpost about this article by Christopher Hitchins. It's an older one, but I only read it a couple of weeks ago, after one of my housemates pointed it out to me.

To me, this article is obviously redundant. Its arguments are very weak, it mostly refers to the author's personal opinions which are not in any way universal, and it should be considered offensive by most progressive people by now.

However, I've had this conversation with people before - with people, who, however much they consider themselves not to be sexist, think that there is somehow a valid, objective argument to be found in saying that women are generically, overall, under-the-one-umbrella less funny than men.

I was going to use this space to go through all my arguments in a meticulous manner. But I can't be bothered.

Let me get one thing straight -

You CANNOT argue that women are less funny than men. If you do, you are discriminating against women, because you are saying that half of everyone in the whole world are not as good at something as the other half are, based on their gender. That is discrimination. You are sexist.

I DO NOT care how many female comedians you can name, how many you find funny, and how many male ones there are in comparison. I do not care if you acknowledge that there is the possibility for the 'funniest woman' to be as funny as the 'funniest man', but you think that overall women aren't as funny - You are sexist.

I also do not care if you think being funny is an objective thing, because it clearly isn't. You are an idiot, and sexist.

And if you want to stop being called sexist, then you need to stop being sexist.

Since when did being offensive become edgy?

I would also like to say that I am sick of people ignoring what I say on the grounds that 'we can't censor anyone, that would make everything boring.' You know what? I am not trying to censor anyone - in fact, I'd much rather people were completely honest so we know who the douchbags are. I am trying to teach people that they should open their minds a little, and see things from someone else's perspective. I am trying to tell them that although they've always had that opinion, maybe they should give it another think - because they haven't thought about where they've gotten it from. And if they do, and they still think the same thing - I will try and teach them again.

Because the world is not right at the moment, and we all need to do tiny things to improve it.

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