Friday, October 28, 2011

I feel like something doesn't make sense

Now go on, make friends follow your dreams ignore the bullies, tell the teacher, don't be friends with her, she's trouble, do your homework play violin, don't talk during class never do that again, follow your dreams be happy. Well done you're good at reading, try harder at maths wear your uniform properly tie your shoelaces, don't draw on the walls don't draw on the pavement draw on paper during free time good well done that's a nice picture of an angel that's a nice picture of a house no don't draw yourself as a devil surfing on lava that's very bad. what is this don't shout at boys don't hit them with sticks don't play with those kids this is very bad your behaviour has not been good and needs to get better. Good grades well done keep doing your homework keep following your dreams haha what you want to be an astronaut have a more realistic dream you can't be that it's too hard you won't be able to. You can do and be whatever you want work as hard as you can follow all the rules and you'll be at the top of the class you'll get into the best university you need to study for these exams just follow the rules just learn everything just do what the teacher says follow your heart don't go out to the cinema i don't want to see you with that boy again follow your heart study harder if you don't get into university you won't have a good job choose your career now choose what you like choose something remember to study hard write essays follow your dreams do what you think is right. You know what's right and wrong follow your heart, don't go to that protest don't get arrested don't walk there don't sit there don't camp there, what are you going to do when you finish, get a job work for someone follow your dreams get a job, pay the bills and rent get a job so you can buy the things you want buy more things and support the economy, if you work hard you'll be a contributing member of society, don't go on centrelink it's demoralising, get a job follow your dreams. Stop complaining about what you don't understand, you know in your heart what's right and wrong, stop being biased and prejudiced understand it's all there to help you, one day you'll be rich too, one day you'll understand, don't be so naive, follow your dreams, trust us.

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