Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life on Mars?

My name is Becky and today I decided that a) I would start my blog, and b) I don't actually hate Zooey Deschanel.

In regards to a), i'd like to say:
Hi, welcome to my new blog. I've had a couple of blogs before, but always just writing, and always obscure teenage angst posts or short stories. While I may not be a teenager anymore, I am certainly still filled with angst and hopefully still filled with short stories. I've come to the conclusion that blogs are only interesting when you get to see pictures of the blogger and get a feel for their personality, and I also noticed that the internet has a shortage of fashion bloggers. (HAHA HA ha...ha..*slap*) So you're going to see pictures of me wearing clothes.

But clothes are not all I am interested in, dear readers! (I know using the plural is a bit hopeful at this stage, but optimism is fun sometimes!) (p.s. hi housemates.)
I also like reading books, playing in bands, and playing computer games. Maybe you'll get to hear a little bit about those interests too. I like theorising about the universe, and about people, and all that stuff. You do too? Kewl. Let's be friends.

And so to start it off, here's a .gif of the clothes I was wearing today. Which leads me directly into b).


Zooey Deschanel. Ahh. Ever since watching Tin Man like four years ago, the sci-fi channel's remake of the Wizard of Oz, I think I've been very harsh on her. It's true, I liked her sarcastic stoner voice and her baggy pants. But I started to get annoyed, because she was much smaller, cuter, deadpan-er and generally cooler than me. Then, a couple of years and movies later, she started She and Him. That Reeeaally grated on me. Her cute little skirts? Her vintage charm? Ukulele playing?!?! RAAARRR *Turns into godzilla*

And then yesterday, I read Rookiemag. A site intended for teenage girls. Well you know what? I think that every non-teenager needs to admit that they can still learn stuff they should've learnt a long time ago, if they stop being so stubborn. Although I've known about girl-hate for a while, it's taken me this long to notice that my hate of Zooey Desch wasn't actually to do with some sort of inherent aversion to kitsch, or of cheesy hipster music, but it was actually just plain old girl-hate. I wanted to be the sarcastic one! I wanted to be the small, cute one! And then I read her little article on the site, telling about her experiences of high school, and I knew somehow that she wasn't putting the cute thing on to be cool, or to be part of some sort of scene. I realised she was just actually like that.

So after mulling it over last night, my outfit today was inspired by the NOWNESS + Rodarte film with Elle Fanning in it, and also all the new Rodarte for OC, because of the side swiped hair with a clip thing. And the rest was a homage to Zooey.

Outfit; shoes: second hand, tights: Vroom & Dreesmann, skirt: second hand, top: Mango, hair clip: from when I was about eleven, David Bowie necklace: made by Oscar Casley. 

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