Friday, September 9, 2011


Finally got around to finishing my zine today, because I'm totally motivated and stuff (read: assignments due.) So now the thing is to figure out how I can afford to make at least ten more copies to send to Sticky! Ergh money etc. For now there is one finished copy, sans welcome note because I'm not sure what to write in there yet. It's called Realistic Motivational Notes From Cats. The concept came to me a while ago when I was thinking there's a lot of things it'd be nice to be reminded of more often. Little internal things that stifle motivation and creativity, or just general self esteem. So I decided I would make a zine in which some of these things were written, so that the reader could cut out the pages that they needed the most and stick them around their room, or carry them around, or whatever.

And then I thought... It'd be funnier if the notes were from cats. Hence:

Courtesy of my crappy, crappy digital camera. It runs on two AA batteries. Not quite retro, sadly.

If anyone wants a copy, send me an email at I don't know how much I will be selling them for yet, but once I've worked out the costs, it shouldn't be too much. :)

Oh, and it was typed on my Woodstock 5N.

That is all.

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