Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Darling Girl

I'm super excited about these makeups I got from Darling Girl. This isn't a review because much better people have written in depth about their brand before, but more of a love letter to them because of how awesome they are! They gave me free samples too.

So pretty and sparkly! Which doesn't come out much in the photos. But I highly recommend their brand for sparkly, awesome, unusual colours.
One of my fav stores in Melbourne, Fashiondacci, had a sale the other week and I came away with pins and jewelry. They're quite expensive usually so I was happy to get some stuff while I could afford it. I'm now aware the pin with the writing on it is probably upside down. Classic stupid Westerner?

Edit: It means provide/lend/offer. ?? haha 

And lastly, my boyfriend's old band, who have sadly broken up now, released their first video yesterday. It took about two years to make, hence the time lapse, but it's awesome nonetheless. Check it oot.

Blogger is being hella stupid and not letting me embed the video, so here's the link. :(


  1. Lol, it is upside down.

    I think it says...supply? offer?

    Why is that?

    1. Eh, don't ask me. The girl in the store said it meant something nice, and I thought I remembered seeing the translation on their website, but now I can't find it and feel like an idiot.

  2. I LOVE the video. I might be biased for anything that has killer cats in it though....