Saturday, June 29, 2013

Work n Playing

A jake ring that Oscar made for me, a My Little Pony hat I made for myself, and a vaguely Avril Lavigne-esque work outfit. Maybe I should have worn my Radiohead shirt? Har har

I really am very lucky that a) I love jewelry and b) my boyfriend is good at making jewelry.

The news of my life is as follows:

I am now the manager of Dejavu bar. My boss quit, and so I am doing his job. So far that has been both very stressful, and easy. Stressful because the idea of me managing anything seems insane, and easy because I already knew how to do most of the jobs, and so far the rest of them haven't been that hard. I'm worried that  it means I won't be able to get away from work as much, but having more $$ makes things easier.

My band just finished our first residency. It was rad! All the shows bar the second one went really well. The second one was fine but it was a quiet night, and we always play better when there are people dancing. The third show was a sci-fi spectacular, and I wish I had more photos. The last one we just played really, really fast. The Lounge were super awesome to us, and we loved playing there. I highly recommend trying to get a gig there if you're a band in Melbourne. They treat their bands really well.

This is the only photo I have of the sci-fi gig, credit goes to Georgie P:

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