Monday, April 29, 2013

They're dead now. For sure.

I know everyone has this jumper but I don't carreeeee
Jeremy Scott can suck it. This is one of the few times where I don't give a crap about high street brands making designer rip-offs. If you're gonna rip off the internet, be prepared to be ripped off yourself.

I just finished The Walking Dead game... oh my god! So intense. Definitely one of the best games I've played in a while. I mean, I'm loving Tomb Raider but in the same way you love cheesy action movies. I highly recommend The Walking Dead game if you like well written story-driven games. One of the best things about it is that your choices within the game determine the storyline somewhat. I say somewhat, because the same stuff is going to happen in the end. The main story doesn't change. But the details within the game are different, to the point where you miss different sections and see different parts depending on what you do. And it's just really well written! For once, a game where characters are relatable, and act in realistic ways. I really hope they make a sequel. (Semi-spoiler if you highlight after this) I want the next one to be ten years later, where you play a grown up Clementine who's a complete badass because she's grown up seeing so much terrible shit. It's not that much of a spoiler, but you never know, she could have died at the end. Speaking of which, am I the only person ever who saved Doug and not Carly?

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