Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter, brewing and jewellery making

A squinty eyed outfit pic

Beautiful Ashley, who makes the tote bag in my previous post, and many others.

Not the Orthodox Easter, which is what my family celebrates. Still, went to my Nana's for 'normal' Easter. I'm doing a series of interviews with her about her life, which is very interesting. I've never interviewed someone about their life before. Biography websites give tips like, "Ask what chores they had to do as a child, and how much pocket money they got," which is almost laughable for people who grew up in Russia during WW2. I could write a book about her life, or I could just write some records for the family to have. I'm not sure yet.

In homebrewing news, we're brewing an oatmeal coffee stout.

And in jewellery news Delish Beads are fricking awesome, and I've made a bunch of jewellery that I love.

In writing news, I'm supposed to be doing Camp Nanowrimo, but my laptop's been broke/ being repaired for this whole time. So I'm like eight days behind. I wrote the first day on my phone, and then decided that sucked and I'd just catch up. I now have quite a lot of sci-fi writing to do! But since I'm writing short stories this time, I made my word limit only ten thousand. A bit more relaxed than fifty, let me tell you.

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