Thursday, August 30, 2012

Descent 2nd Edition Review-ish

In highschool, my friends used to come round on Friday nights and play Descent. Not much has changed, except I'm twenty four instead of sixteen, and now we're drinking tea instead of beer. Sad times.

Except not sad at all! Second Edition Descent arrived in the post the other day (thanks Dad) and it is really, REALLY fun.

Me, or Leoric of the Book

The updates to this game have made it super fun. I mean, Descent was always super fun, but it used to take sooooo long to finish one dungeon. In four hours, we finished the first three maps. There are also outdoor scenarios as well as indoor ones, to make it more interesting, and there is a massive campaign joining all the maps together! Yay! Of course we started that. So now you can take your XP and gold into towns and upgrade your weapons and stuff.

They've made the Overlord character (pretty much a DM) more fun too, as there are relics to find for them and the hero characters.

The best thing so far has been how evenly matched each scenario was. Like, up until the very last turn it could have gone either way.

For anyone who hasn't played Descent before, one of my friends described it as a mixture between Warhammer and traditional RPGs, with very simplified rules. The simplicity is what makes it for me - it's a very streamlined game, not a lot of sitting around and figuring things out. And now that the individual games can be finished in around an hour, you can play it without much preparation.


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