Sunday, April 13, 2014

Supanova 2014

I wasn't going to cosplay this Supanova, but a week ago I watched the end of the 5th season of Adventure Time and suddenly I needed to. Canyon is Billy's ex-girlfriend, a giant motorbiking awesome lady. Obvi, her tallness was what made me relate to her so instantly. But I also happen to have green hair, so it was pretty easy to put something together. I'll add to the costume and do it again at another point.

 Supanova was fun as always, it was hilarious seeing James Callis because he IS Gaius Baltar. Like, if Gaius was an actor irl but had the exact same personality. He even told some story about how he ad-libbed a line, and the director was like, "James. That was amazing." And he told it in a totally straight-faced smug humblebrag Gaius kind of way.

The Adventure Time panel was THE BEST. Actually the best. So awesome.

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  1. I am super sad I didn't get to see you. Your costume was adorable. :)