Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hopeless x Agent Provocateur x Me

So I definitely didn't wear this anywhere today, I mostly sat around in my pajamas on tumblr, but I'm planning on wearing it very soon. I don't get a lot of nights off unfortunately, and this week was particularly painful work-wise, but I'm now relaxing in bed with my feet up so that's nice.

I got this bra from the Agent Provocateur sale, yay! I'm really glad I bought it on mega-sale for $50. Originally it was something like $200, which I would never spend on a bra, and honestly it's not worth that much. It's not perfect, like the straps are a bit too long in places and you can't adjust them. But flaws aside, I love it very much, and it was definitely worth the price I ended up paying. As a side note, I'm also wearing my Hopeless Lingerie harness with this, and I think Hopeless are better quality than Agent. Not to mention half the price. And it's an independent business run by a woman from Melbourne. Tick tick tick.

My real life and blog friend Tegan tagged me in this question-answer type thing, so that's what I'm going to do right now. If you're the kind of person who thinks that's boring, you don't need to continue reading.

1. What am I working on now?

I'm working on the second issue of Moss Piglet, my experimental sci-fi journal. Submissions have just closed, and the entries I've received are awesome. I'm planning on making it a bi-yearly thing so if you missed out, don't worry. There'll be another one in the next six months.

I'm also working on a 10k word project for Camp Nanowrimo. The good thing about Camp is that it's not as intense as Nanowrimo. You can choose your own word limit at a minimum of 10k, which is only 334 words a day for a month. At this point in my life I don't have the time to do a 50k in a month thing, but 10k will easily be a good start towards the story I'm writing (which is a cyberpunk thing, yay!)

I'm also 'working' on finding a new job, because my current one is causing me lot of emotional stress. And I don't think that's worth any amount of money.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

In terms of Moss Piglet, I've purposely set out to make a journal that's different from the majority of literary journals that are currently being published. (I love being on a high horse!) I've just found that the serious tone in both stories and the artwork in current journals is really boring. Like really boring. Like I don't even want to pick them up because they all have that same vibe. So I wanted MP to be willfully low brow. That's not to say that some of the stories aren't serious, because they are. But I want there to be variety. Silly/sad/funny/scary/whatever. No style out of bounds. And no particular style favoured. So the people submitting will feel free to write in whatever way they want, rather than trying to force their style to fit a journal's style in order to get published.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Who knows?! Nah, I write what I do because I feel like doing it, to be honest. I blog because I like having a record of my thoughts for the past couple of years. It's for myself basically. Because, as Tegan wrote, my memory is not good at all. So it's nice to remember things.

I guess people usually write journals, but I feel more comfortable writing at a computer.

4. What is my writing process?

Slack off, slack off, watch American Horror Story, spend hours on tumblr, slack off some more, then WRITE 50,000 WORDS IN ONE MONTH

then slack off for a year.

Thanks Tegan for the thingy! I don't really have anyone to else to tag apart from Hamish or Oscar I guess, who probably wouldn't do it. And apologies for those of you who were expecting a thoughtful blogpost and got pictures of my bra.

And oh yeah, I have this hair now. Surprise!

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