Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Million Bucks

...is how much money I pretend I have sometimes. Like when I go to lunch with my parents to a restaurant called The Trustee. And I wear my mum's (alleged) Chanel bag.

I only have crappy phone photos because I am in Perth. I'm digging this Nars eyeshadow my mum gave me though. Also her silk paisley shirt. Maybe these things need to "disappear" into my suitcase.

I am crying tears in my soul right now because my favourite Melbourne designers, Alpha 60, are having a sale this week. Their last sample sale resulted in two of my favourite dresses that I own, and it was over a year ago. I'm probably out of Melbourne two weeks a year. I must have angered Satan somehow.

If you're in Melb tomorrow, go along and buy something for me ok?


-sale deets

- me, right now