Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm a cat

We had a belated staff Xmas party last weekend. I was pretty happy with my outfit but there was no one home to help me take photos so these are all that are left. You can't really see but I wore shimmering white eyeshadow and teal mascara, made me feel like an ice queen. I was having a lot of anxiety about the party and didn't really want to go, but it ended up pretty fun.

I have wanted to look a lot like these two lately:

Just because, I don't know. They're badass and look like they hate everyone. I'm having a lot of trouble with dealing with criticism recently. Some people have thick skins and are able to deal with whatever happens in a logical way, but I'm not one of those people. I'm talking about work, mainly. It seems like an instinctual reaction to get really upset if someone is shouting at me. Even if I think the reason isn't valid and they're just being a dick or whatever, I find it hard not to feel upset. You know?

A note to bosses, managers, chefs, or anyone who has any kind of authority over anyone else in a workplace environment: It isn't good for your business to make your employees feel like shit. If they ask questions, you should answer them. The worst bosses I've had are the ones who make you feel like an idiot for asking a question. Really, questions are good things, because it means the person is double checking what they're doing. If you make someone feel like they can't ask questions, it will end up with them making more mistakes, because if they're unsure about something they'll just guess. I mean really, even if you think the answer is obvious, why not just answer it anyway? It wastes a lot more time if you shout at the person instead of a simple yes/no or whatever.

Like I just think some people have massive insecurities, and that's why they love having jobs where they can order people around and power trip over them.

*cough* no one in particular.*cough* chefs *cough*

/end rant

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