Thursday, October 4, 2012

When they talk about bad blood, they don't mean us

Ughhhhh the Jickkkssss. As soon as I saw Malkmus' little face it was like a familiar happiness. The Jicks are one of those bands I still get chills listening to, for reals. Goosebumps and shit. I was smiling the whole time. Except when I was angrily frowning at the dickheads in the audience. Seriously, Corner Hotel? Shouting out requests the second song in? Shouting out Pavement songs?! So fucking disrespectful. Dickheads and technical difficulties aside, they played amazingly. It was a little sad to be Janet-less, but their new drummer is awesome, and has the bonus of looking like Ron Swanson.

Sadly, (in my opinion,) they played Summer Babe as their last track. It felt like giving in to the assholes in the audience, and I was embarrassed to be unwillingly lumped in as part of that group. While I love Pavement, I went to see the Jicks, and they have SO many great songs. I would have rather heard any Jicks song than that. They didn't play a single song from Real Emotional Trash, and I speculated that maybe it was because of the lack of Janet, or maybe they had planned to and ended up cutting them like 1% (which I was sure they were going to play, but didn't because everyone was shouting it.)

But, you know. It was still amazing. In the end, watching them play together is all I need, even if Malkmus was drunk and silly. Maybe even because.

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