Thursday, May 10, 2012

Space face

Hair bow - handmade, Glasses brooch - ebay, Knitted top - Salvos, Stupid face - parents

I will join the bindi conversation. I guess I feel strongly that it's cultural appropriation, which is wrong, but then again I'm not sure whether what I'm wearing is so far removed and ridiculous as to render it ok. I feel ok wearing it, I feel like it wouldn't be associated with traditional bindis or Indian culture by anyone who saw it. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a traditional bindi, although I used to all the time when I was about twelve. I find them beautiful, but I don't think it's my place to appropriate them. There are a lot of arguments that people have made recently about them being solely fashion items that almost convince me... but I still have some hesitation, some level of discomfort, that I can't quite ignore. Nothing has convinced me once and for all that it's ok. They look very beautiful on a lot of people, and I'm not really judging them or wishing they wouldn't wear them... but I don't think I could wear one myself until I am fully comfortable that what I am doing is not harming anyone. This is the closest I will come. Hopefully nobody is offended.

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  1. Rad idea. The eyeballs look so good with that outfit.