Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music, games and presents.

A few things have been happening, like I graduated, but I haven't got the photos back in order to properly share it. In the meantime, here are some photos from today, from my band rehearsal. I'm in a band called Nun of the Tongue. I am the drummer.

This is our sexy lead singer, Oscar, also known as my boyfriend. 

This is our bass player Hamish, also known as our housemate.

In other news, we played Dungeon Quest for the second time yesterday, but the first time properly, since the real first time was spent trying to figure out the ridiculous combat rules. It's a really fun game but the combat rules are stupid.

So yeah. Perhaps we will think of an alternative way to speed up the combat, because it really interrupts the flow of the game. It's a fast paced, crazy sort of game, and that's the appeal, so it's kind of a bummer when it gets all boring during the fighting. Apart from that though, I really enjoy it. I love it that it's really easy to die, out of nowhere. And it's different every time.

My friend Zoe of Texta Chainsaw Massacre made me this badge, and it is the cutest, best badge ever!! I am in the process of making her something in return, but it will never make up for how cool it is. You can order them from her blog. And yes, it fits in a matchbox. <3

And this is my new camera, with which I took all the photos! It was a graduation present from my parents. Thanks, parents. It is REALLY fun. Now I can take proper photos for my blog. Hooray.

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