Thursday, June 11, 2015

I got these shoes, they're pretty great

Here's me in my backyard, comboing out on Lazy Oaf. I have plans to turn this boring ass denim shirt dress into a printed colourful thing to rip off their other stuff and fully transform into Lazy Oaf Girl. Brand loyalty and all that.

Hello! Things I have been doing:

- Thinking about blog posts, writing extensive notes on blog posts, but not actually doing blog posts
- Extend that to stories and my "novel"
- So basically just writing heaps of notes

But also, playing gigs, recording for a Weiner tape we will release at some point in the future, and planning touring America next year.

Also - watching Steven Universe! How good is that show?!?! It's really filled the hole that Adventure Time hasn't been able to recently (still love you AT but it's gotten a bit silly and shallow compared to the heavy episodes of the past.) There are so many ~real~ moments in Steven Universe, and I'm super glad a show aimed at kids is portraying like, non traditional families, not all just white people, death and grief, emotional immaturity of both adults and teenagers. It gets real! It has a lot of character development. A lot of back story. A lot of sci-fi as well. A++

Thinking about serious feels and how to incorporate them into my story telling. Thinking about what to say, how to say it. There are a multitude of things I feel on a daily basis, but translating that to fiction writing is hard. I'm making a lot of notes.

Gearing up for another Moss Piglet, Issue #4 this time round. I've had some amazing submissions so far. I love what people come up with. I love how loose of a genre I can turn sci-fi into.

See u round blogosphere

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  1. amazing!! the shoes and outfit is awesome. <3