Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello blog/ Modern Polaxis / Megahex / Moss Piglet

Haiiii how's it going? The worst thing about not blogging is that I know I've been wearing some rad-ass outfits but haven't documented them. I will forget! They will be gone forever!! Damn. This/some combination of this has been a regular recently. My housemate was giving a bunch of clothes to charity and I took these pants out of the pile. Sorry charity.

I think I will start using this blog more actively though, and not just to document my outfits, but I've got a bunch of article ideas and I probably should start writing them up. I've always thought of articles as, like, adult writing for grown-ups, but for real they are mostly just a bunch of opinions. Of which I have many.

Having new experiences is great for writing too. I now work at a games store and it's giving me a lot of new interactions with different types of people who never came into the bar.


As I was writing this, the mail arrived. With it, came Modern Polaxis, a comic by Sutu that I donated to on kickstarter. It is ridic!!!

I added a bit more to my donation to get his other comic, Krysalis, which looks amazing. But the thing about Modern Polaxis is that it's an 'Augmented Reality' comic book, which means when I put my ipad camera over it (with an app) the pages are animated! So cyberpunk!!

I also went to All Star Comics last week to get Sugar Skull, the new Charles Burns, and I ended up grabbing Megahex and also meeting Cazz from Nerd Burger, who works there! She's super nice and wears the best clothes.

I'd only read one interview before with the guy who makes Megahex, and it made me pretty interested to read it. I was not only enthralled but left thinking about the characters for days. Definitely recommend for anyone who's ever had shitty friends who smoke way too much weed.

Sugar Skull was great. Yet again the artwork was strange and familiar at the same time. I was a little disappointed in the story I guess, but maybe I was expecting something other than what he does? It felt like it petered out a bit after all that build up. Then again, that's what he does - reality with a large dose of the surreal. I preferred the surreal bits. It was still really good.

My own shit is going alright, actually. In terms of writing, for once I've got a starting idea - I've got two characters I'm actually interested in. 'Big whoop' you might be thinking. For me this is a big deal! I usually hate everything I think of, which is the ultimate form of procrastination. I may or may not do Nanowrimo this year (it's still appealing, even to do a small part of it) but one of my *goals* on my 2014 list was 'have a substantial amount of one novel finished' and it's getting dangerously close to the end of the year again. Yeah, there are a lot of things on that list that won't be finished.

Publish two Moss Piglets was one of the other goals though, and that's going ahead as planned. The deadline for issue #3 is October 31st. So on the off chance anyone reads this, spread the word to your writer/sci-fi loving friends. Here's a lovely poster my friend and MP contributor Ashley Ronning made:

And that is all for now. :) :) :)

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  1. LOVE your outfit. Super rad. Awesome to hear you liked Megahex too. I need to pick a copy up this week.