Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventures in Lumpy Space

Hey gurl! Long time. I've been up to some stuff, wearing some clothes, playing some games, the yoush. This past Sunday I went to Armageddon (my first Armageddon but not my first con.) It was fun! Better than Supanova this year for sure. Mainly because I got to catch some celebs I was super excited to see, and also I got a cosplay done in time. Here's the proof:

What the lump are you looking at?

 And now: a bunch of photos of me with other people!

 Me and Flame Princess just chilling

 Me and BMO joking around

 Me and Ripley looking out for Aliens

 Me, Ice Queen and Finn having adventures (how good is this Ice Queen cosplay btw?)

 Me and an Alien just having a chat (don't tell Ripley)

 Me and Master Chief posing like celebs

 Me and Walt just eating our respective lunches

 And another awesome Flame Princess.

 I don't even want to talk to you Brad, isn't it obvi?

The accessories I made, as well as the head star from sculpey.

A pretty easy/lazy cosplay tbh, but a fun one. The concept was LSP if she were a 90's alterna-girl.I'm not sure how much that came across, but it was obvious I was LSP anyway.

The highlight of the day was seeing Claudia Black and Ben Browder from Farscape do their panels. Claudia wasn't even written in the schedule so it was amazing that we accidentally caught the end of hers. Gigi Edgley was meant to be doing her panel, and by the time we arrived it had already started so we assumed we'd missed her. But we rocked up early to see Ben, and were so excited to see Claudia in there! She was so nice. They were both very similar to their Farscape characters irl, especially Ben! He was basically John Crichton. 

I am really sad Gigi wasn't doing her panel, and I'm especially sad that a group photo with the three of them was $150!!! For a photo! A photo I really wanted, for sure, but not for that much. :( Even a photo with just Ben and Claudia was $100. 

In the end, I'm happy to have seen them talk, and am content with being in love with Claudia Black forever.
Also this Rygell toy.

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  1. so amazing! your cosplay is awesome!