Friday, August 30, 2013

Lamington Drive Illustration Residency

For the month of August, four Illustrators have been in residence at Lamington Drive Gallery in Collingwood. One of them, Ashley Ronning, is a good friend of mine, and on Thursday night they held the opening of the exhibition which showcases what they've been doing for the past month. The theme was Slumber Party. Queue crocheted blankets, spice girls posters and lots of lamingtons.

There are a lot of photos in this post so click the jump.
 Ashley made some amazing pinatas, which were smashed as part of the exhibition.

I bought a couple of zines, one of which was a collaboration between all the artists and documented some of the art they made during their residency. It was a nice thing to make, since I wanted to buy all of the art but don't have the cashes. They did an amazing job, and it was a fun night. The exhibition is still up for the rest of this weekend, I recommend checking it out.

And this is what I wore:

I have blonde hair now. I was bleaching it in order to dye it purple, but got sidetracked with blonde along the way. It's fun for now. And my favourite new purchase, jelly sandals :) I want to wear them everywhere all the time.

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