Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Away

I acquired this dress from a vintage dress sale on Lygon St just after Christmas. It's from Japan and maybe that makes me like it more, although I already liked it very much. It gives me vibes like this for some reason:

I saw Hunx and his Punx on Sunday night, which was awesome. I hadn't heard much of their stuff beforehand but it was very fun. I've been listening to this band a lot, and this song on repeat:

Very teenage. I made a birthday cake for my housemate Zoe last night, it was carrot and pineapple:

I haven't felt like blogging much, to be honest. It seems like every other day I'm at work, doing nothing when I could be doing something. My resolutions for this year have been to eat healthier, and to get a new job. Hospitality wears you down after a while, and even though I like the places I work and the people I work with, the nature of the industry is to make you feel like shit. Like a servant, and a cleaner. At some point I'd like to stop cleaning toilets and people's dishes. I'm not sure how or what I'm going to do, but it has to be something else. So the quest begins.

Speaking of quests... wasn't The Hobbit awesome? A few things let it down but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't care if it's drawn out, to be honest I'm just happy to spend three hours in middle earth.


  1. Yay, cool yum! I'm heading in for cheap beer in a few hours...
    ahhh beautiful wednesdays. I promise I'll clean up after myself :P

  2. I like the white-to-pink-to-gray-to-red scale on the dress..

    i personally felt like the hobbit was too artificial looking, modern cinema viewing doesn't really sit with me

    1. Fair enough. Although it's not as if you were expecting anything else, right? LOTR already kind of set the standard for what it was going to look like.