Saturday, September 15, 2012


Whaaat a large week. Saw Patrick Wolf on Tuesday for the third time, and he was excellent as always. It was an acoustic show so it was more like a classical concert. Amazing instruments and his singing was on point. He mostly played with one backup musician, and an oboist who joined in for a couple of songs. He made a couple of mistakes, but laughed it off, and who could be mad at that cheeky face? We also managed to hang out with him afterwards at the Strange Wolf Basement Bar (of course.)

My brother and I were happy we dressed up good and weird. We were some of the only people who did, and we got a few compliments from the bartenders. This is one of my favourite dresses, from Alpha 60 in one of their sample sales. I'm always glad when there's a Melbourne designer I really like, so we can reap the rewards of sample sales instead of hearing about them from across the globe and crying. My shoes are Michael Kors, and though I was happy to stomp around town, I was extremely relieved to take them off my poor feet at the end of the night. I almost never wear heels, let alone stilettos.

The rest of the week comprised of seeing old friends and the second gig for my band. Another house party. I don't have photos of us yet but I do have photos of our sisterbrother-band, Battle Club.

Now time for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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